Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chinese New Year Music for Kids

Chinese New Year music brings your kids' celebration to life.

What else would you do while creating, and then dancing with, your Chinese New Year Dancing Dragon Craft?

Chinese New Year Song 
has a variety of exhilarating Chinese celebration music.  It features more than an hour of flute, strings, vocals, drums and crashing cymbals in different combinations and tempos, by Zenki Fujiyoshi.  The visual is a single image of an anime dragon--in red, purple, green, yellow and orange--which boys and girls alike are wildly keen to behold. (1:18:53)

2008 Chinese New Year Song 
blends pop and traditional elements into a visual spectacular.  It's a great cultural backdrop for your own class parade.  Video footage includes a crowded Chinese New Year parade with giant dancing dragons, Chinese mountains, temples, lanterns, fans, cherry blossoms, waterfalls, and gardens.  A 3-girl pop group, The M-Girls, cheerfully sing in several Chinese styles and tempos.  They alternate wearing contemporary and traditional gear.   (9:49)

Chinese New Year Story Video For Kids
is a beautifully crafted shadow puppet story.  It tells the origin of the Chinese New Year cycle of twelve animals.  (2:43) is a great source for videos.  Many schools block YouTube, so you’ll have to use free online software, such as, a YouTube to MP4 converter.  This is best done at home.  Then you can bring the MP4 on a flash drive to view at school on your SMARTboard or computer.

Gung Hay Fat Choy everybody! 

Chinese New Year Dragon Art
Chinese New Year Dancing Dragons 
Chinese New Year and the Dancing Dragons

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