Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Tie a Shoe

How to tie a shoe?  Even a demanding double knot?
How to tie a shoe - Teacher ink
It's easy, when you use a step-by-step tutorial.  And I don't mean a "3 easy steps."  I mean a 21-step photo tutorial with easy-to-read captions. 
Admit it, much as you love showing kindness by bending over and performing this time-honored ritual on your babies, you look forward to the day when your services are no longer needed--for several reasons.

First, tying shoes over and over loses it's charm--you know it does.  Not tying shoes is dangerous.  But most important, the look on your baby's face when she's mastered tying shoes is priceless.

So let the shoe tie tutorial begin.  Bring it on--especially the dreaded double knot. 

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