Wednesday, June 10, 2015

TPT Teacher Store - My Summer Checklist

The school year's ending, and I'm almost a year old--my teacher store, that is.
Time to spruce it up!
Here's my summer checklist:

1)             Create new products

a.  Work at a stately pace, don’t rush!
b. Work at the beach or the park

2)             Revise old products

a.  Start with my best-sellers and work down

b.  Create newer, nicer thumbnail covers: with big, catchy titles, copyright, link to store, eye-catching visuals

c.   Polish up my terms of use

d.  Add more links to similar products

e.  Add fancier borders, fonts and clip art

f.     Add pages

g.  Revisit pricing

h.  Bundle products

3)             TpT Store:

a.  Create several banners

b.  Create a gif for my quote area

c.   Group products with more custom categories

d.  Hyperlink more products to each other

4)             Social Media

a.  Write blog posts and schedule publication for the future

b.  Connect more with other blog writers

c.   Put add-ons on my blog (like a fancy signature?)

d.  Create great pins for Pinterest: photos of my products and classroom in action

e.  Clean up my Pinterest boards and create new ones that specialize

f.   Explore fb, Instagram...

5)             Top priority: have a glorious summer!  Go back to school totally refreshed!  Isn't that every teacher's dream--with or without a store?
Remember, there's only one summer of 2015, so the must-do is to make great memories.

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