Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kids' Favorite School Memory

School's out for summer!  My home is filled with dozens of flowers and lovely, heart-warming cards.
I love those cards--the genuine thanks for a year of fabulous growth.

The surprise this year was on the last day of school, when I asked the kids about their favorite school memory.  One kid said it was dancing with the Chinese New Year Dragons.  Another said it was the Irish jig.  One kid loved learning about jazz during Black History Month.

But the most popular activity, hands down was...


One kid remembered the first book he read.  Another loved the phonics songs we sang and danced to.  Another said she loved that she can read Pinkalicious books by herself--and amazingly for a 5-year-old, she can!

It's something to think about.  Kids love fun stuff, and one of the most fun things of all is reading.

I hope you get to enjoy a good book this summer!

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