Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bathroom Rules For Kids

Bathroom rules are notoriously hard to teach.

It's all a little abstract, unless you get into the bathroom with each child and give a tour.

Well...your tour bus has arrived! 

I created a Bathroom Rules Kit that includes just about everything you could possibly need.  Everything--including labeled photos of the bathroom, routines, signs, safety tips, and sign-out sheets.

No more abstract talk.  This year, I'm going to open the photo of my toilet on my SMARTboard--"larger than life and twice as real."

Why not?  Then I can explain quite clearly where to sit and how to flush.  Nice!

Most important, I'll have my bathroom routines chart all printed out.  I say a line, and the kids repeat it--19 steps in all.  That way, we'll ingrain every step.

I also printed out a list of questions--why is it so important to be quick, quiet and clean when you use the bathroom?  When kids think it through, they are more likely to follow the rule.

It's bathroom rules A to Z.

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