Monday, April 11, 2016

Poetry Writing with Kids is Surprising

Poetry writing with kids is always surprising.
Poetry Writing for Kids - Teacher Ink
More than any other writing genre, poetry leaps off the page like a living creature.  It is a living creation.  And free-style creative poetry disrupts expectations more than any other poetry.  It is beat poetry, it’s off the beaten path.

And yet, it’s so accessible.  Even my 5-year-olds can write great stuff when I show them how, in little steps.   

Even my English Language Learners and my kids who struggle academically, can put a poem together—using word walls, picture dictionaries and simple poetic devices such as sensory detail, repetition, and simple rhymes.

Every kid can write a poem, and I love reading them--every one!
OK, this one needs subtitles but it's brilliant. 

Red/ Fire truck shiny honk/ Apple is/ a juiciest/ sweetest/ tastiest treat/ lipstick red it/ is sticky and shiny/ perfumed chemical!

I love the surprises that pop off the page—even the page, or the mind, of a a breath of fresh air.

If you'd like to try my 16-lesson poetry course for grades K - 5, it's here:

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