Sunday, April 3, 2016

Poetry Writing for Kids

Poetry writing for kids is not rocket science.

In fact, kids are natural poets.  Just turn on the tap and voila!  Poetry pours out.

Kids think like beat poets, in small observations and spurts of thought.  That’s why I love to teach them free-style poetry writing.  It mirrors the way they naturally see the world.

Poetic devices help to polish it up.  If you teach kids one poetic device per day, and let them try it, kids catch on quickly.  If you use that poetic device often during the school day, it becomes a regular part of their language.

Then move on to the next device, step by step.  Show them the natural arc of a poetic structure; what might come first, next and last.

Set them loose, and kids will make perfect poems every time.  I’ve been creating these poems with kindergarteners for years, and I’ve never seen a bad poem—not even from my just-off-the-boat ESL or RTI kids.  Advanced kids produce jaw-dropping stuff, and older kids get doodle-framed paper with extra lines, to spin out verbal wonders till the cows come home.  

And the pride on their faces is—well, poetic!

If you’d like 16 full writer’s workshop Poetry Lessons, with detailed examples and charts to help your K – 5 kids write poems effortlessly, please stop by my place.  I’d be overjoyed to share my time-tested recipe.

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