Saturday, April 9, 2016

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day for kids should be full of activities.
Activities are how kids learn, right?

So after they learn the basics about recycle, replenish, and reuse...

Let them toss an Earth--play Beach Ball Planet.  Whoever catches the ball can tell an Earth Day fact, or elaborate on the fact, or tell how they use the fact in their own life.
And instead of telling kids that Earth is beautiful and that they should respect it...
Let them create an Earth Medallion.  It's geographically correct, and simply beautiful!  Kids can wear it like a cool jewel, a reminder that Earth is precious and should not be sullied.  I've assembled a how-to photo tutorial to make it easy for kids to make a perfect Earth medallion.
Kids can also create an art poster of the Earth, with an artistic vision of the planet.
I've provided samples in my Earth Activities kit.  They can write their own slogan around the circumference of the Earth Art, to make their art poster.  I have a long list of samples, like:

*   I Love Earth!
*   Earth Loves You, Too!
*   There's Only One Earth.  Treat it Right!
*   I Speak for the Trees (to quote the Lovable Lorax)

If you'd like an Earth Day Activities kit, with more action games, task cards, gorgeous Earth Day writing paper, and lists of Earth Day suggestions, it's here.  And please, enjoy your Earth Day--every day!

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