Monday, April 25, 2016

Count to 20 for Kids

Counting to 20 is super fun.
Count to 20 Lesson and Printables for Kindergarten
Especially when you differentiate for kids' levels, needs, and interests.
First we count up to 19.  What comes next?  Ten-teen?  Oh, of course!  Twenty.

We look at a number chart and "draw" the numbers 1 - 20 in the air with our writing finger.

One kids comes up to the front and counts to ten on their fingers.  Then another kid (and the rest of us) continues to count on their fingers to twenty.  So, ten plus ten more is twenty.

We notice that we can fill two ten frames to make 20. 

Then I show my printables.  We do them together as a class quickly, then we break up into small groups according to ability, and do the printables individually.  That's differentiation, and everyone in the world is now saying it's a must-do.  So here goes:

RTI (Response to Intervention) kids will trace the numbers 1 -20 in ten frames and then color each box a different color, starting at the top left.  They may place counters in each box and count.  Use round counters, then teddy bear counters, linking cubes, etc.

ELL (English Language Learners) kids will draw 20 counters, one  in each box of a ten frame, starting at the top left.  They'll count them.  Then they'll turn each counter into a circular picture (such as a cookie) and name it.

Mid-level kids will write then numbers 1 - 20, one number per finger or fingernail, on a 4-hand template.  Then they'll color the hands.

Advanced kids will draw 20 objects free-style on a template.  They may draw objects with all the same color, shape, size or function.  And they may draw them in any array they'd like: a row, curved line or circle of 20, 4 groups of 5, 5 groups of 4, or any other configuration.

Then we share our counting to twenty work and display it.
I have to say, my kids couldn't take their hands off my "hands" template.  They wanted to do it again and again with different variations of colors, placement of numbers, and even with 5 little drawings on each hand.  So I set up a math center and let them have at it, day after day.  

I love it!  For me, as a teacher, that's the highest praise.
If you'd like my Count to 20 Kit, with a full lesson and display-ready printables, it's here.