Saturday, February 7, 2015

Presidents’ Day and the American Dream

On Presidents’ Day we learn about Abe Lincoln and George Washington—thrilling lives!

I also like to remind my kids that Lincoln and Washington’s faces are on money.  This launches a discussion about the value of money.  Even a Lincoln penny is precious, and not to be wasted.

Part of the American Dream is the ability to work hard, save money, and buy something special.  Whatever that means to you—a home, a car, a piano, ballet lessons, a little shop around the corner…or a LEGO set.

So my kindergarteners make this Presidents’ Day Money Bank or Keepsake Box.  Not only does it feature glorious pictures of Lincoln, Washington, a penny, a quarter, an American flag and Valentine’s Day heart.  It gets them—and me—thinking about their own American Dream.

It's quite a bargain for a George Washington dollar!

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