Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bone Health Supplements

Some folks swear by supplements, and some swear at them.

For bone health, you might want to consider these:

Daily Dose:

·        A good multivitamin, e.g. Doctor’s Choice 45+ Women.


·        Intake total: 1200mg, and not more than 2500 (or you risk kidney stones). 
·        Don’t take more than 500 mg at once; your body can’t absorb it.
·        Get calcium mostly from food if possible.
·        Calcium absorption is inhibited by iron supplements.  Take these 2 hours apart. 

Calcium Buddies – Take these with Calcium

·        Vitamin D  (Vitamin D3, 4000 IU; up to 5-6000 in winter or during stress)
·        You MUST balance calcium intake with Magnesium Citrate (320 mg); or you do more harm than good.  NOT magnesium oxide, which the human body does not absorb very well at all (only about 4%).  Don’t take magnesium if you have kidney problems.  Nor with antibiotics.  Use with care: It’s a powerful laxative; watch for nausea or diarrhea.
·        Vitamin K2 (100 mcg).  K2 directs the calcium to your bones instead of to your soft tissues and arteries.  This prevents the dastardly “Calcium Paradox,” where you have TOO MUCH calcium in the wrong places—causing osteoporosis AND arteriosclerosis—argh!
·        Vitamin K1 is much less expensive alternative to K2 and your body makes K2 from it, but you must take a bit extra K1 for the same result. 

Other Supplements

·        Boron (3mg a day, or you can eat prunes).
·        Potassium Citrate 99 mg (you have to be careful with this one as it regulates heartbeat; don’t overdose).

There are many “buzz” products out there.  Such as:

·        Strontium (as strontium citrate, 2 hours before/after calcium) 700-900mg. 

I tend to be wary of these, as long term studies are not in. 

When possible, I like to stick to natural food sources, with a few choice supplements that—I’m pretty sure—will do no harm.

There are no shortcuts to bone health.  As teachers, we should encourage healthy habits including weight-bearing exercise, and a sense of balance—physical as well as spiritual. 
One of my favorite songs for slow-dancing and balance-movement is this reflective Counting Backwards Song, with a soothing voice counting to a relaxing instrumental.  Kids adore it, too!

Please note:  I am not a doctor.  I am simply sharing some of my research.  I hope it will spark your quest for your own best health.

As always, I wish you the very best of health.

Osteoporosis 101

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