Sunday, August 13, 2017

Behavior Mananagement with Humor

Behavior management can be fun--really!
Make 'em laugh 'n behave!  
50% OFF for the first 48 hours

Behavior Management with Humor is a creative approach to discipline in the classroom.  It's packed with tools and strategies for behavior management with laughter.

At every step, I start with the basic skills for no-stress behavior management.  Then I show you how to infuse these with respectful fun, so they come alive in your classroom.

Why use humor? Of all the tricks in your behavior management toolbox, humor is one of the most powerful.  

  • When you use humor, it shows you trust your kids.  You trust their intelligence to “get” the humor, and to join in the fun.
  • Teaching kids how to use humor respectfully shows an alternative to negative emotions such as anger, belligerence, cruelty, or ignoring bad situations. 
Laughing shakes up our lymph system; and heals our body, mind and soul.  It strengthens the immune system, lowers our blood pressure and makes us more present and alert.  It’s empowering, rapport-building…AND It’s free!

As always, I want you feel CALM and CONFIDENT—and ready to laugh—starting on your first day of school.

So...let's take a look under the hood at Behavior Management with Humor:

         Behavior Management 101: Strategies that Work

         “Tips from the Trenches” for Behavior Management with Humor

         A Full Day of Humor and Good Behavior, Step-by-Step

         Funny Things to Say All Day

         Make it Fun in the Lunchroom, Auditorium, School Yard, Parties, and More

         Humor in Reading, Writing, Math, Music, and Dance

         Songs that Get Kids to Move, Smile and Behave

         Behavior Mod Charts

         Behavior Management Clip Chart

         Callbacks for Easy, Fun Management

         Brain Breaks to Calm or Energize Kids

         Printable Resources: Awards, Hats, Masks, Glasses, Bracelets, Pointers, and More!

         “Reboot Box” for Time-Out

         Deal-Breakers – Teacher Behavior to Avoid

         Behavior Management Posters

         Student Activities and Printables for Bulletin Board Displays

         BONUS: MP3 Counting Backward Song for a Calming Brain Break or Dance

If you'd like a MEGA-bundle of Behavior Management tools that REALLY WORK--I know, because I use them daily!--please take a look at this:

...School Rules, Behavior Management with Humor, Behavior Modification Game Charts, and Behavior Management Callbacks.

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One of my top priorities is to get my kids to behave, so we can all laugh--from the first day of school on.

I hope you want your kids to laugh and behave, too, so I'm sharing all I've learned, in over twenty years in the classroom.

Wishing you all the best,

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