Monday, May 8, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Sale!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!  Let's celebrate with a...drumroll...
All my teacher resources are 28% off with Coupon Code: THANKYOU17

Here are some delightful choices:

A gorgeous Mother's Day Card, with dozens of suggested phrases you can use for any occasion.  This easy printable works well for a Thank You, Friendship, Graduation, or Memorial Day veterans card, or to send any thoughtful message.

A butterfly mask or flying butterfly craft to celebrate spring, symmetry, or your unit on insects.

A keepsake Memorial Day craft box.  One buyer placed paper mache hearts inside to give to veterans.  Another hung them from the classroom ceiling with different length strings.  There are wonderful possibilities...

A Substitute Teacher's Survival Kit with tons of tips, printables, teacher scripts and lessons, so you will be calm and confident in the classroom.  

NOT JUST FOR SUBS, this guide makes a great refresher course or a comprehensive sub binder for the regular teacher.  If you need to take a day off, no worries!  This Sub Binder will assure that your class was in good hands.
Or my all-time favorite, this in-depth guide to the Perfect Lesson.  It features checklists, charts, cheat-sheets, insider tips, scripts, class posters, lesson plans and lesson plan templates for an expert Danielson teacher evaluation in K – 5.

Whatever you do, end the school year with 28% off, and enjoy every bit of it!

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