Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Card Easy Printable

Mother's Day is a must-do craft.

It also falls in the middle of test week--and test prep.  What to do?

I like this card because it's easy and beautiful.  Print and go.

While kids are coloring their pop-art beautiful hand images, I can do a little one-on-one academics to prepare for the big tests.  Not fun, I know, but necessary.

Our Mother's Day cards get bumped up a notch by gluing a few tissue paper balls on the cover.  It's simple to make a big impact.  Simply place a tray or basket of tissue squares on each table.

BIG glue tip: For quick and easy gluing, have one child walk around the room and place a few dots of glue--one on each flower--for every card.  Kids love scrunching up their little tissue balls and placing them artistically on the page, but squeezing out glue is optional.

Your glue monitor can make a second round, to fill in the blanks.

Finish off the cards with a simple picture and phrase inside.  

I love you, Mom
You're the best mom ever!
Let's reach for the stars

It will warm Mom's heart, and it will be stress-free for you.  That's a whole lotta love.
Happy Mother's Day!

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