Saturday, September 17, 2016

Easy Feedback Comments for Kindergarten

Easy Feedback Comments for Kindergarten are a no-brainer:

I need to attach feedback comments to every piece that goes up on the bulletin board.  Why?  Because everybody says so.

But, I want quick and easy feedback tickets.  Why?  Because... 
  • I want to spend my time with the kids, not writing tickets. 
  • I want to give each child immediate verbal assistance, which will bring them to the next level.
  • I want to spend my time planning and preparing wonderful days of school!
  • Writing feedback tickets takes a loooong time!  Especially if you write both "glow" and "grow" comments.
  • Kindergarten kids can't read the tickets anyway.  It's really more for the grownup viewers, who want to see that you are assessing kids' work.
  •  I want to put up kids' work immediately, to fill the classroom with their colorful souls!

Need I say more?  I came up with a PERFECT feedback ticket that includes glow and grow comments, and makes everybody happy--supervisors, kids, and me.

It even has room for me to write a personal comment, like: 
"I love your creative coloring!"
"You added unique and fun details!"

"You filled the space with details that belong in your story!"

I print the tickets on colorful papers, cut and staple to each kid's writing.  A few quick check-marks, a 1 - 4 grade at the top, an extra comment if I choose, and I'm done.   

That's why I was able to fill my bulletin boards with kids' work by the 3rd day of kindergarten--despite a to-do list that's a mile long.
 OMG, wish I'd thought of this earlier in my career!  It would have saved me countless hours of precious educational time--month after month after month.

If you'd like to use the feedback comments for kindergarten, here they are:
...and enjoy your extra time!

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