Saturday, August 20, 2016

TpT Gift Card for School Principals

A TpT Gift Card to your school principal is a great way to spread the word about TpT.   Let them sample TpT stuff and spread the word! 
Especially on a SALE DAY!

Here’s my sample letter:

Dear [Principal],

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

I had a little brainstorm to sweeten our back to school days.  Here’s a gift card for TeacherPayTeachers.  I think you’ll find some really useful items for our school; they’re created by seasoned teachers, so they’ve got a classroom stamp of approval!  

I’ve collected some good ones, but there are thousands of gems, so by all means browse.

There’s clip art for our school newsletters:

Doodle borders: $1

Giant collaborative wall art for our lobby or foyer:

I Love School First Week of School wall art: $4

Pencil and Flag wall art: $4

We love Reading wall art $4

We Love Reading, Math, Science, Art – wall art bundle $8

Teacher and School Resources:

The Perfect Lesson, that’s like 100 PDs in one; simple and easy: $15
First Days of Kindergarten, which would also help first grade teachers get up and running: $10

Counting Song MP3s, super-calming; to pipe over the loudspeaker (for 30 seconds at a time) after recess: $3

And a pop-rock School Rally Song that’s personalized with our own school name: $2
BTW, Monday the 22nd is a sale day with up to 28% off, so we’d get even more swag for the buck.

If you want some more ideas about TpT, take a look:

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