Sunday, August 14, 2016

Count to 20 Free MP3

This Counting Song 1 - 20 MP3 can make your life soooo much easier--and, I hope, wonderful.  It's free, so please enjoy!
How do you get kids to behave, calm down, clean up, transition, do homework, time out, stand and stretch?   It’s all easier with a soothing voice counting the numbers 1 – 20 over relaxing music with a soft beat.

This “magic timer” counts numbers like a heartbeat. It is one beat per second, plus intro and fade-out; one minute of music in all. It’s a great behavior management tool to help kids calm their minds and focus on the task at hand. You can replay it for an extended countdown.

It’s also perfect for teaching kids to count numbers 1-20, as the pronunciation is slow, clear and correct.

It’s not just for kids! If you would like a minute of relaxation, then cup your palms over your eyes as you listen to this…

There are tons of uses for this Counting Song:

1) Teach kids to count numbers 1 - 20
2) Teach kids to skip-count numbers (saying only every 2nd, 5th, or 10th number)
3) Dance or stretch between lessons
4) Meditate with heads down or eyes cupped
5) Cool down at the end of recess or gym, lying down and listening to the song
6) Tutor a small group at the listening center or computer
7) Count off a transition or clean-up time
9) Time a task
10) Dance free-style
11) Make 20 poses, 20 facial expressions, etc.
12) Nap time relaxation
13) Slow your pulse rate by matching breathing and pulse rate to the song
14) Have kids give “round robin” comments, one per count, or per 2 counts
15) Roll a dice 20 times
16) Bounce a ball 20 times
17) Count out 20 Cheerios, M&Ms, chocolate chips, beans, etc. and place them on a 10 frame or 100 Chart, as you sing along
18) Take 20 steps
19) Draw 20 letters, numbers, shapes, etc.
20) Write 20 words (sight words, favorite foods, animals, or activities)
21) Draw 20 objects (2 rows of 10)

If you'd like the longer Counting Songs--unique, beautiful, and ideal for lessons or transitions--they're here:
 Enjoy some more!

...and please note the Terms of Use:

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