Sunday, July 24, 2016

Three Tips For Deep Breathing

Three Tips For Deep Breathing...
That's all you need:

1)  Get a good guide.  A life-changing guide.  
The M.D. who informs you from experience that deep breathing might cure most anything-- 'cept a cloudy day.  Stress, high blood pressure, pain, athsma, copd, insomnia, fatigue, eating disorders, diabetes, even cancer are affected because the healing air finds a way into every cell.

The first time I heard Andrew Weil, healing guru, talk about the medicine angle, I was impressed.  When I did all 8 of his breathing exercises back-to-back I was transformed.

I love 'em all, but maybe my favorite of Dr. Weil's tricks is to lay down and be utterly passive.  Don't try to breathe.  Imagine a cosmic being gently breathing into you, and inflating and out, slowly and deeply, over and over.  It's an instant, pervasive calm.

2)  Start young.  Teach kids how to breath deeply and properly.  Not by posturing or exaggerating, but with simple, full, deep breathing.  

I teach my students to let all the air out first.  Put their hands on their waist so they can see and feel it expand.  Then take a good, long, deep breath and hold it for a few seconds.  Repeat as necessary.  

It's a perfect brain break--quiet, calming and focusing.  ADHD kids love it.  You're not telling them to sit still and focus.  You're showing them how to do it.

3)  Don't forget to breathe!   It's OK, we all forget.  We become mesmerized by our computer, our dozens of to-do list items, or the stress of the day. 

So, kindly remind yourself.  Ask yourself every so often during the day...and ask your friends and family, and maybe even your enemies, too...

Did you remember to breathe?

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