Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Creative Writing

Thanksgiving creative writing is a way to give thanks to your life, as well as to your hopes and dreams.
Thanksgiving Keepsake Book
This 10-page Keepsake Book will record your students' imaginary voyage into their ideal world.  They can compare and contrast their "journey" with the pilgrims' trip to the New World.
What’s a Keepsake Book? It’s made of the unique, unexpected, unforgettable, and priceless, things that kids say—and then write about. 

Amazing things happen when you ask kids (or grownups) about their opinions, dreams, and wishes.  Just try it.

Bon voyage, y'all!

If you'd like this Thanksgiving Keepsake Book--which makes a beautiful display piece, as well as a lovely gift to parents--and a boatload of fun Thanksgiving crafts, too, stop by and take a closer look.

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