Thursday, August 27, 2015

Construction Toys For Kindergarten

Do you use construction toys in Kindergarten?

I think you should!  Kids learn by doing, and this is especially true in kindergarten.  Kids learn academics, practical skills and also those crucial social skills.

Here are some great construction toys for kindergarten.  You can simply let children explore, or suggest a goal or task for the day.

Click-A-Brick Mighty Machines 100pc Educational Toys Building Block Set - Best Gift for Boys and Girls

This is endless fun, and will also spark the creativity of your budding engineers!

Magformers 62 Piece Set
Magformers combine engineering dexterity with artistic flair.

KNEX Tinkertoy Vehicles Set.
There's a reason that Tinkertoy is a classic for over 100 years!  It's logistics and fun all rolled into one.  This one adds vehicle details for even more interest and variety.

Ideal Frontier Logs Classic All Wood 300-Piece Construction Set with Action Figures
Just add farm animals and kids will spin out their own stories, on and on!

I hope you allow time for kids to play with construction toys in kindergarten.  While some kids are engaged at more academic centers, such as reading and writing, others can spend time at the Construction Center.

If anyone asks, just tell them kids learn though play.  It's true.

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