Sunday, August 2, 2015

Back to School Sale--Shop Now, Unwrap Later!

Are you thinking “back to school?”  --Or just “back to school Mega Sale”?  If a tiny voice in your head says YES!
Back to School Sale - Renee Dawn at teachers pay teachers

…Then pour yourself a cup ‘o Joe, and stop by my shop.  It’s all 20% off—every stick of chewing gum—plus an extra 10% at checkout!  Monday August 3rd and Tuesday August 4th only—so please, shop now.  Even if you don’t tear open the wrappings for another few weeks.   J
Number Chart Robots 1 - 30

You’ll find super fun stuff—like this so-cute Number Chart Robot pack.
Nursery Rhymes Creative Writing

Keep window shopping, and you'll notice this Ultra-Creative Writing with Nursery Rhymes, which makes a dazzling bulletin board display. 
School Rules - Lists, Charts, Lessons

Tons of practical stuff, too: School Rules, which you should teach like you life depends on it—it does!
KIndergarten Back to School Mega-Bundle

And, if you’re starting out as a new kindergarten teacher, please consider this Kindergarten Back to School Mega-Bundle.  It includes class set-up, lessons, teacher scripts, posters, printables, and behavior management materials which you can use all year.  If you get it today, it'll be at a price that will make you gasp.
Counting Songs - Relaxation and Behavior Management
And finally my personal favorite, because I couldn’t get to sleep without it—especially as our school days loom closer.  It’s my counting songs, which lull me to sleep when I play them ever so softly.  They’re great for calming for kids, too, and--as a side benefit--they're spot on for teaching counting.

Sweet dreams, and I’ll see you soon--after the back to school sale blows over.  If you're looking for me, I'm shopping, too!


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