Saturday, January 10, 2015

Martin Luther King Jr and the Tough Questions

Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us to ask the tough questions.  And I like to ask them as early as Kindergarten.

The more you ask, the more interesting answers you get...

  • Why should we love each other?
  • Why do you love someone?
  • What does brotherhood mean?
  • What makes a good friend?
  • Can you be friends with someone who is very different from you?
  • How can I be kinder?
  • Why should I be kind?
  • How do I feel when someone is kind to me?
  • How do I feel when someone is not kind to me?
  • Why should we be non-violent?
  • What is my dream for the world?
If you want to pose the questions, and see some interesting lists of answers, as well as create gorgeous Martin Luther King Jr. Montage with Writing and Art Projects for the kids, give this a try!

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