Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Calendar Color Coding

I love plain paper calendars!  Here's why:


I get to write in all the special events of the month.  And color coding them makes them pop and easy to read. 

Kids quiver with anticipation as they see each special day approach.  They count down to special days, or skip count by weeks.  "Not this Thursday, but 2 Thursdays from now..."

Blue means it's someone's birthday.  Orange means no school or a half day.  Pencil means it's for the teacher only (which kids love to know about, too).

It's also a way to reminisce.  Kids love to pour over old calendar pages stapled like a "Big Book" at the library center.

Each day, a child places a colored number square on the calendar, and the color patterns create more math talk. 

Calendars can have as many pictures, characters, and events as a great story book...and we get to live through them!

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