Sunday, November 9, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers Store is a beautiful place!

It’s where teachers share their wonderful creations—for free, or a fair price—thousands of carefully crafted, classroom-tested gems. 

Now that I’ve set up a shop, I’ve got tips for others who are thinking of starting a store. 

1)      Choose your store name carefully.  Use either your own name or a name that brands your products (e.g., Kindergarten Fun).

2)      Create your products in PowerPoint, not Word.  You’ll see why…

3)      Comb TPT for all available tips for newbies.

4)      Expect hard work.  Only well-thought out, unique, well-executed products with eye-catching visuals on the covers, and good social marketing will succeed.

5)      It’s a long haul.  “Once you get over 20 products, daily sales increase.  Over 50 then they really start to churn.”  (To quote Two-Boys-And-A-Dad-Productions from the forum.  Thanks, Two-Boys!) 

So…(I keep telling myself) slow down, breathe deeply & smell the roses (ie, your fully-rounded life)!  Look at the learning curve as your type of crossword puzzle—it’s good for your brain.

That’s the “Starter Kit.”  After you join TPT, you can dive into the seller’s forum for more.  It's not easy (that's an understatement), but it is rewarding.  You have my best wishes if you decide to jump in.

BTW, If you'd like to visit my store, it's right here.

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