Monday, November 28, 2016

Substitute Teacher Guide on Sale

Substitute Teacher Guide on Sale, Cyber Monday and Tuesday:

This is much more than a run-of-the-mill guide for the substitute.

I've taught full time for over twenty years, and I've observed hundreds of subs and teachers in action.  I've seen it all--the good, the bad, and the Kindergarten Cop Chaos.  This resource is a detailed and comprehensive account of what to bring, do, and say when you sub.

And, it includes dozens of printables a sub can use all year.

If you're a regular teacher, this makes an easy Substitute Binder--for the days you are absent.
...And, it's on sale for an absurdly low price on Cyber Monday and Tuesday.  Please stop by and take a look at the Substitute Teacher Survival Kit: Everything You Need for Grades K - 5.

Sunday, November 27, 2016





If you download these Behavior Management Callbacks--for FREE, today; Sunday, November 27th & Monday, November 28th ONLY--

...AND leave your positive feedback at TeachersPayTeachers...

You will be in the running to win a $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE to use at One winner will be chosen at random.

Enjoy your callbacks! Behavior management is UNTHINKABLE without them ;-)

Behavior management is easy with callbacks! Simply say a phrase and kids will repeat or respond enthusiastically. Kids are hard-wired to chant, so behavior management is better than effortless—it’s fun.

P.S.  This contest is now closed.
Thank you all for entering...
And thank you, for selecting my winner, ZippadeeZazz ;-)

More good news:
Cyber Monday gets you 28% off everything at my store.  Please look around.  And enjoy your fabulous Cyber Monday deals.

Teacher Resource Sale!

Teacher Resource Sale!
If you've been on the fence, please consider these teacher resources at steep Cyber Monday discounts:


If you download my Behavior Management Callbacks--for free, today; Sunday, November 27th & Monday, November 28th ONLY--

AND leave your positive feedback at TeachersPayTeachers...

You will be in the running to win a $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE to use at  One winner will be chosen at random.

Everyone wins something. 

Happy Cyber Monday to all!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Creative Thanksgiving Fall Montage for Kids

Celebrate a creative Thanksgiving with a fall montage for kids.
 Scarecrow, straw and turkey.
 Pumpkin, plaid, crows 'n berries, corn 'n apples, farmer hats, big buttons, twigs 'n leaves...
...and don't forget the turkey!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Turkey Craft Tips

Turkey craft tip #1 is... 
1)  Start cute!  OK, that's obvious.  Turkey hat, anyone?
2)  Make a pop stick puppet.
3)  Tape a sparkly pipe cleaner to the back to make your turkey "dance."

 4)  Staple or glue a cup to the back to make a "cornucopia" catch-all.
5)  Staple a gift bag to the back...
6)   ...and add a gift!
7)  Fall Montage:
8)  Hang your turkey craft on your wall and smile every time you see it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey craft!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pilgrim Hat Pop Art

Pilgrim hat pop art
This is not your great-great-grandfather's pilgrim hat.  It's museum-quality, eye-popping rad.

My coloring tip: color in small, round, light-stroke, continuous and different-sized circles.  And, blend similar colors on top in layers.

Success for everyone!

Then, to make them really come alive, fold black construction paper or card stock in half and cut thin strips for the head bands--about 12" long will do.  Staple the two ends to the back of each hat, just above the bottom rim.

Display your pilgrim hats in the weeks before Thanksgiving...or let kids channel their inner pilgrim and wear them every day.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thanksgiving Creative Writing for Kids

Thanksgiving is all about thanks…
Not just for what you have, but what you are—your loves, wishes and dreams.
This Thanksgiving, give your kids a special gift—a Thanksgiving Creative Writing Keepsake Book.
This writing project will take your kids on a journey to a New World—a world they create out of their own desires and imagination.
Over the course of 10 pages, they will follow the Pilgrims' Journey, then imagine and write about their own ideal trip to a New World.

Creative writing and divergent thinking pops off the page.  It’s great for kids of all ages.  And teachers, you’ll find yourself filling in the blanks, too!
When I display these, I open each book up to a different page, telling the pilgrim story in sequence.
You can let your kids channel their inner pilgrim with a classic pilgrim hat.  One teacher told me she’s letting her kids wear their hats every day till Thanksgiving.

How fun is that?  I'll give thanks for that!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Veterans Day for Kids

Veterans Day for kids should be a day of thoughtfulness.

Kids can thank veterans for their service to our country; thank veterans for keeping us safe.  It's really as simple as that.
Veterans do so much for us, often behind the scenes, and we sometimes take their courage and actions for granted.

What better way to thank a veteran than to spend some time with him or with her, listening, and telling how much we appreciate all that they do.
And maybe creating a keepsake, catch-all, Veterans Day Craft Box--to give to a veteran as a token of appreciation.  It's perfect for a sprig of flowers, keys, coins, or medals of honor.
I like to print it on card stock so it will last longer--almost as long as our gratefulness.

If you'd like to write a Veterans Day Card, this is a beautiful choice:
I'm wishing you a safe, thoughtful, and generous Veterans Day.