Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thanksgiving Creative Writing for Kids

Thanksgiving is all about thanks…
Not just for what you have, but what you are—your loves, wishes and dreams.
This Thanksgiving, give your kids a special gift—a Thanksgiving Creative Writing Keepsake Book.
This writing project will take your kids on a journey to a New World—a world they create out of their own desires and imagination.
Over the course of 10 pages, they will follow the Pilgrims' Journey, then imagine and write about their own ideal trip to a New World.

Creative writing and divergent thinking pops off the page.  It’s great for kids of all ages.  And teachers, you’ll find yourself filling in the blanks, too!
When I display these, I open each book up to a different page, telling the pilgrim story in sequence.
You can let your kids channel their inner pilgrim with a classic pilgrim hat.  One teacher told me she’s letting her kids wear their hats every day till Thanksgiving.

How fun is that?  I'll give thanks for that!

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