Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mother's Day Unwind

Mother's Day is a day to unwind, among other things.
I know, you can't unwind completely.  Mothers are always on.  There's never a moment your kids disappear from your mind.  Loving them, cleaning, clothing, cooking, washing, shopping, shepherding, guiding, reading, hugging, listening...

It's all about the love.

A perfect Mother's Day would be a balance of loving your children and loving your self.  Ideally, you'd avoid dreaded chores.  Fun chores are OK, though, especially with your kids.

In a perfect day, you'd get outdoors and appreciate your babies in the big beautiful world.  In fact, you'd get your whole family in on the action--as long as it's not stressful.

And finally, you'd take a little time for yourself--to unwind, see the big picture, and appreciate your life.  If your kids want to join you in meditation, all the better.  You're teaching them coping skills they'll thank you for, forever.

If you'd like to try a child-friendly meditation pack, these Counting Songs are a great aid to unwinding.  The MP3s feature a soothing voice counting over relaxing music with a meditative beat.  I call it my Insomnia Pack, or my Attention Deficit Hypnosis Pack.  And now I have a new name for it: Mother's Day Unwinding Pack.

I hope you have a wonderful, loving Mother's Day!

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