Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eye Health for Kids

Have you noticed that more kids wear eyeglasses now, and at a younger age?  Computer and TV screens “glue” the eyes, so they don’t move in a healthy way.
I teach my kids to exercise their eye muscles.   Here’s my eye exercise chant (kids repeat each line):

Of course I teach each step first:

1)      Hold up a thumb about a foot away from your nose.

2)      Look at your thumb, then straight ahead, beyond the thumb as far as you can see. 

3)      Focus back and forth, about five seconds each. 

4)      End by gently squeezing your eyes shut.

Did you know that you can improve far-sightedness by exercising your eye muscles this way?  It's true.  So enjoy your computers—and your eye health, too!

Here's a free poster of my Eye Health Chant.  Enjoy!!

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