Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Calm Teacher – FREEBIE!

Let’s call it a hobby; I’m always coming up with new ways to bring calm into the classroom.

My other hobby is writing songs.  So, I wrote this Counting Song.  It’s simply me counting the numbers 1 – 20.  It’s not a typical kiddy song!  It’s relaxed, almost hypnotic, and I added some meditative music with a soft beat.

The best part is, the song is short.  That means I can play it—with my eyes closed, breathing deeply—and know I’m only taking one minute out of my insanely busy day. 

I’d love to share my song with you—as a gift, a FREEBIE. 

I hope you enjoy it and find it as useful as I do.  Please let me know!  If you like this song, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d leave your positive feedback and rating at the Teachers Pay Teachers website.  Many, many thanks!

BTW, you will have to sign up at Teachers Pay Teachers in order to download the song.  It’s very easy, and you’ll find thousands of wonderful teacher tools there. 

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